Selected Private Commissions

My commissioned pieces have been added to the private collections of clients throughout the U.S. These one-of-a-kind custom paintings make for a contemporary and unique piece of art to enrich your collection, or as a timeless, unforgettable gift to someone special.


This piece was made for a couple in Washington, DC. It was an anniversary present from the wife to her husband. It incorporates many themes of DC including a stylized photo of the street they live on.


This piece was a Christmas present from a wife to her husband. She wanted it to include photos of their dog as well as an image of his motorcycle. Several other personal references were included. She wanted the color palette to be black and white with just a pop of her husband’s favorite color.



This piece was a birthday present from a daughter to her father. She wanted to include all her siblings as well as some meaningful text. It includes part of the AA serenity prayer and a lyric to her father’s favorite song “Amazing Grace”.