"My paintings are the result of building up and layering different media. I use an assortment of images and text from different eras to create collage-like paintings. By meshing together various elements, I'm able to take these timeworn fragments of culture out of their original context and reconfigure into something new.

I’m inspired by the pop culture I grew up with. However, the non-stop flood of information we’re confronted with today also influences me. This constant influx of multimedia and visual noise is an effect I try to recreate in my compositions with the use of juxtaposition between texture, color and content. The end result is a dichotomy between the nostalgic feel and the overall modern pop aesthetic."

Originally from Pittsburgh, David Barr studied art and graduated from Slippery Rock University. David has lived in the DC area for over 20 years and currently paints at his studio in Fairfax, Virginia. He is a member of Washington Project for the Arts, Falls Church Arts and McLean Project for the Arts.