Dogwood Tavern

In 2018, I was hired by Dogwood Tavern to create a mural to capture a visual history of Broad St. in Falls Church, VA. The design highlights several landmarks over the past century. They wanted something colorful and bright to brighten up the back patio as well as coincide with all the historical focus of the restaurant. The mural spotlights several businesses from West Broad St. to East Broad St. (left to right) and is laid over a map of the area with a star to mark Dogwood’s location on Broad St.

Kingston Parking Garage

I painted these botanical-inspired murals for Kingston McLean Crossing in 2018. They span 3 garage levels and total 9 separate murals. The custom floral elements were designed by Hickok Cole Architect’s creative team. The murals helped extend the community’s “everyday oasis” vibe to it's underground parking garage - bringing larger-than-life works of art to the most unlikely of spaces.

Fairfax Mural Jam 2018

I was invited to participate in the City of Fairfax’s first ever mural jam. I was privileged to paint next to 13 other talented artists. The all day event was part of Fairfax’s Spotlight on the Arts and the goal was to help promote public art and murals within the city limits. The wood panels were 6’ x 8’. My piece was more of mixed media piece. I had screen printed the eyes and then wheat pasted them on the wood. It ended up raining at the end of the day and all the wood panels were moved inside.